Watch AFL Grand Final, Live in Nagoya

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  • 30 Aug, 2017

The Rock will be showing the live broadcast of the AFL Grand Final – Reserve your seat!

How could be call ourselves an Aussie bar and not show the AFL Grand Final?!

Well no worries, mates! We got it!

AFL Grand Final

The Rock (Nagoya) always shows all the “big games” and some of the not-so-big ones too. If we are open and have the feed, you can almost always see your favourite footy right here in Nagoya.

We often open early (or late) for the big-ticket games, and will be open early for the AFL Grand Final .

Fans watching AFL Grand Final in Nagoya

2017 AFL Grand Final

The 2017 Grand Final takes place on Saturday, September 30th. The Rock will be open from 12:30 pm for a 1:30 pm kickoff.

There will be a “ nomi ” (all-you-can-drink) with meal option for ¥4,000. Plus, our regular menu will be available throughout.

Reservations recommended, make ‘em early!

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By Site Admin 08 Jan, 2018
It isn’t Aussie Rules and it isn’t rugby, but the ball is similarly shaped. It is American Football and it is the championship, after all.

Yes! The Rock Aussie Sports Bar & Grill shows the live broadcast of the NFL’s Super Bowl which happens early on a Monday local time in Nagoya.

Centrally located in the heart of Nagoya, expats (and any NFL fans) can watch the game before heading off to work (okay, you’ll be a bit late). Or why not take the day off and make a real event of it?
By Site Admin 19 Dec, 2017
Tired of the same ol' Christmas song and dance?
Try our specialty Roast Duck Dinner , guaranteed to become an instant holiday classic.

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By Site Admin 18 Oct, 2017

Yes, we are an Aussie Sports Bar, but we’ve also got American NFL Football throughout the regular season.

It’s hard to show the games live since we aren't open when they are being played, but you can still get your fix of American football when we show the replay on Tuesday nights.

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